Tailored Software Development

Software Development

Software Development

You may need a whole system developed from scratch OR the integration of your existing modules in a new system or features added to your existing system or just the configuration of a turnkey product. We can do it!

Whatever the problem is you need a custom software application to do precisely what you want. Boxed products can often fail to fully satisfy your needs or resolve your problems.

Custom software development is one of our core services; building custom application projects for our clients. We have made a serious investment commitment to modern software development, which is key for delivery of high quality, highly collaborative solutions for our customers. Our expertise includes Java, .NET, ASP .NET, JavaScript, Python, VP, C, C#, Perl and Mobile platforms such as iOS and Android. We are very capable of developing in both open and closed source (Unix or Windows).

Our specialists will help you find the best solution and develop it starting from the definition of functionalities and finishing with the deployment and staff training. If needed, we can provide full support services as well.

Using SquaTec our customers have continuous supervision over the product throughout the whole development process.

The SquaTec approach to custom software development gives our clients a competitive edge by delivering solutions that support the processes that differentiate their companies. We use fundamental Project Management methodology to assist clients manage the development, technology, business and regulatory changes that they require. By leveraging our methodology, our development engineering capabilities and outcome will align itself with our client’s business and increase revenue and cut costs when launching new products, services, offerings or processes (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, etc.)

From helping to build and support day-to day operations of all forms of online and off-line businesses, SquaTec develops Custom Software Applications ranging in CRM (Customer Relations Management), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), Database management, iCloud solutions and most recently diving into Big Data and Business intelligence Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) hosted offerings.

This way, also based on ongoing communication, we can deliver the software solution which does exactly what you want.



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