Online Marketing

Online Marketing

Online Marketing or called Internet Marketing obviously has a lot in common with the traditional Marketing. Reaching the right target clients, building up the customer base and establishing the brand awareness in order to build up your business are the main goals in online marketing.

There are a lot of different online marketing strategies and components such as:

Website Presence

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

– PPC (Pay Per Click)

Social Media

– Online Display Ads/Banner Ads

– Affiliate Programmes

– Press Releases

– Newsletters

All the measurements have the main goal to drive traffic to your website and improve your business. Our team will help you, to create your online marketing strategy that you can succeed with your business.


PPC (Pay Per Click)

Pay Per Click Advertisement Campaigns can bring you immediate quality traffic to your website and increase your sales straight away. This combination is perfect for new businesses or to launch new products and services.

pay per click

Each online advertisement is triggered by a search for a particular keyword and the advertisers only pays when their ad is clicked and users visit their website. PPC is not only available with all major search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing but also on Social Media Sites such as Facebook.

Our team will help you to find the best advertisement platform and to define the keywords to get the best possible results.


Online Display Ads/Banner Ads

An effective way can be to place banner ads on specific niche websites, which has your target clients as their audience.

We will analysis your target clients and hand-pick niche websites to find the perfect matches.


Affiliate Programmes

Affiliate programmes also called associate programs can be an effective way to boost the reach of potential clients. The basics are simple. You as an online merchant agrees to pay a commission to other website owners to send traffic to your online shop. The commission can be based on traffic but more popular is nowadays based on real sales.

We will not only build your commerce website with all affiliate programme features. In addition we can help you to join global networks to reach thousands of website owners.


Press Releases

We have teamed up with the number 1 player of the PR distribution services. Your press releases will be guaranteed 75+ media websites such as Bloomberg, CNN Money and Yahoo!News. Furthermore, it will reach over 100.000 subscribed journalists and media companies. This will give an amazing online press coverage and should result in a dramatic increase of traffic and brand awareness.



Email Newsletter can be a valuable instrument to your online direct marketing sales strategy. We will implement a professional tool to create award-winning newsletter designs, build up a subscriber database and sort out the infrastructure.

Important part is the mail server which sends out the newsletters. The goal is that your server gets not blacklisted by internet service providers and block your emails before reaching your subscribers. In addition it is important that you have enough capacities to send out large quantities of newsletters.

Our team can provide you with a professional solution and in addition we can sell you various email databases with millions of potential clients.

email newsletter



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