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There are a lot of websites offering website traffic promising to boost your website traffic or even guaranteeing millions of daily unique visitors to your website. The majority of them is giving you credits to ‘exchange website’ traffic or even pay out cash like 0.001 USD per website few.


How does that work? People are signing up to these websites, open websites to view or some website have even automatic scripts. It leaves the website for some seconds open, often closes automatically the open window.


Does it help in your Google ranking?

Google Algorithm

Google Algorithm 2014


One of many factors in Google’s algorithm is the traffic a website or certain keywords are getting. In that case none as they do not come through Google’s search engine and are not looking for specific keywords and clicking through it to your website. However, if you have Google analytics and Webmaster tools installed, it might recognise the traffic.


BUT, one of the other factors in Google’s rather complicated algorithm is the bouncing rate and if viewers are clicking internally to other pages within your website. With the automatic driven traffic/scripts, it will increase the bouncing and conversion rate dramatically.


Therefore, it will be contra-productive even if Google will not penalise for abusing the system but I am sure, if they don’t do it yet, it might be in the near future.


Is all bought traffic like that? No, there are legitimate ways of buying traffic if you get links and genuine interested people are clicking through to your website. However, even there you have to be careful where you put your links. Some operators are promoting their system by putting ads or links on thousands of their website and claiming they are expired websites with a lot of traffic. If you check out the traffic exchanging websites from the top of this article, a lot of these other traffic providers with expired website are getting automated traffic to build up their official traffic and some are ranking in Alexa, an Amazon service estimating traffic for websites, extremely high.


So what now? Stick to the hard work, build up your content, get exposure on blogs and forums by contributing with articles related to the topic of your own website, do a proper onsite optimisation of your website. In addition follow all the tips and recommendation, we have given in our other articles about SEO. This will bring you more and more traffic and it will improve mid and long-term your Google ranking. Yes, it is hard work but it is the only safe way.


Long-term, you cannot cheat Google. They have some smart guys working for them and sooner or later, they will find any new and definitively old black hat tricks and your website most likely will suffer from a penalty and your traffic will drop dramatically and can destroy your business if you are just relating on business through your website. Is it the risk worth?

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